Holler my Dear


Holler my Dear is a young band from Berlin that enchants with hearty Folk/Jazz/Acoustic Pop songs. Laura Winkler the singer and bandleader writes  lovingly arranged songs full of details: sometimes gentle and dreamy, sometimes powerful and danceable like the  lively sister of Singer-Songwriter. This sounds a little bit like Motown-Tango or Western-Klezmer. And it smells a little bit like a circus.

Laura looks for melancholy in her dark-green melodies, but she sprinkles enough winks in her stories while she's singing about a troll or lets her nose or the moon disappear.

Her five austro-russian-denglsh Berlin town musicians join in with virtuosity and playfulnes and together they play high energetic devoted concerts.

Laura Winkler – vocals
Stephen Moult – trumpet, vocals
Fabian Koppri – mandolin, vocals
Valentin Butt – accordeon
Lucas Dietrich – double bass
Elena Shams – percussion