° disappear me   Part Berlin°

(work in progress)

"Most people in the world think of themselves as individuals and that there is no one on the planet like them. This don´t motivates them to get out of bed , eat food and walk around like nothing is wrong" (Submarine 2010)

Dance performance by A. Lisa Oettinghaus with invited guests   
Laura Winkler (voc) and Fabian Koppri (mand)

For 6 days Lisa Oettinghaus, Laura Winkler and Fabian Koppri are in a halfpublic place, the Backyard of the  Coworking Space Betahaus Berlin. They are working with the space and all the information it is giving, to create a new version of the piece ° dissapear me °.

Different realities, 6 long days, 6 short nights, 2 musicians, 1 Performer , 3 people in one place, 1 title: disappear me, 1 composition in dis minor - this will be an exciting illusion.
A piece, which in the end is not finished - work in progress - the Performance had his premiere in Vienna and is now arriving in Berlin, in a new recoined version.
° dissapear me ° the piece of the first °Artist in residence° of Betahauses Berlin, established by °oettinghaus


The Funky Eggs

Laura Winkler - vocals
Stefan Wedam - e-guitar, vocals
Jochen Perko - e-bass

Joachim Murnig - drums

The funky eggs present Easter eggs that are coloured in a very funky way.


Laura Winkler – vocals
Manfred Temmel - guitar

Bärbel loves singing songs - from the bottom of her heart.
In her musical twosomeness Bärbel  tells us about the important bagatelles  of everyday life and alternately gives the audience fits of laughter, watery eyes or even the almost unbearable desire to jump up and dance

„Blue, blue, blue, I love you!”  - who can resist that?



Trumpets: Mario Stuhlhofer, Karl Rossmann, Alfred Lang, Tomaz Gajst, Markus Pechmann
Trombones: Adrian Kleinlosen, Sascha Krobath, Karel Eriksson, Johannes Oppel
Vocals: Laura Winkler
Guitar: Julian Pajzs
Piano/Keys: Michael Lagger
Bass: Lukas Raumberger
Drums: Peter Lenz

The jazz formation „LokoBrass“ was founded in October 2009 by the German bass trombone player Johannes Oppel. All the players are professional musicians who live in Graz or in Southern Styria.
In contrast to other brass ensembles Lokobrass also contains a full rhythm section and a vocalist. The band is oriented towards the modern big band music of the 1970s. Among others Bob Brookmeyers‘ music is an important stilistic directory.

In Lokobrass various musical elements are unified: the warm, round sound of a brass ensemble, the energetic playing of a big band and the rhythmically stirring power of a locomotive. Thereby the band manages a special tightrope walk.
LokoBrass pays special attention to integrating compositions of the band members and local composers into their programme.



Mahler goes Jazz

Laura Winkler - vocals
Adrian Kleinlosen - trombone
Julian Pajzs - guitar

On the occasion of an event in the Gustav Mahler composition cottage in Klagenfurt/Maiernigg  the three jazz musicians Laura Winkler, Adrian Kleinlosen and Julian Pajzs arranged the five „Kindertotenlieder“ by Gustav Mahler for their trio.
They start to play the music true to the original and add more and more elements of improvisation from jazz music as the cycle moves on. In a sensitive way the three musicians make Mahler‘s music alive in a completely new way.
The scenery of the Gustav Mahler composition cottage where the composer wrote the „Kindertotenlieder“ created a special atmosphere at the occasion of the first performance.



3 Sista 1 Mista

Maja Remic / Zvezdana Novakovic / Siruan Küng / Laura Winkler - A Capella Vocal Group

Silver Diploma @ Vokal Total/Jazz 2008

Jazzwerkstatt Graz

The Jazzwerkstatt Graz is a production festival that was modelled on the base of the Jazzwerkstatt Vienna. The platform was founded in 2007. Their first interest is the promotion of a young, musically self-contained scene in Graz and a focused presentation of this scene in the form of a festival. Furthermore the Jazzwerkstatt stands for networking processes in the young jazz scene - for example in the form of a cooperation with the Jazzwerkstatt Bern which has existed since 2008.The Jazzwerkstatt Graz is organized by the club Fat Tuesday which consists of young jazz musicians.


Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday is a jazz concert series that has existed since 2005. It‘s organized by the club of the same name -  Fat Tuesday.By means of monthly concerts young, upcoming musicians and composers are offered a platform to present new, exciting, self-contained projects of contemporary, improvised music.
In 2009 Fat Tuesday relocated from the Schauspielhaus in Graz to the Orpheum Graz and now takes place on Thursdays.