22.06.2018 - Premiere of "gladly beyond"

June 22nd 2018 - premiere of "gladly beyond" at Musik in der Pforte

Pförtnerhaus Feldkirch, 20:00

I'm really looking forward to the premiere of my comissioned composition "gladly beyond" for the chamber music festival "Musik in der Pforte" in Vorarlberg. Tonight's opening night features only female composers:

Maria Bach (1896–1978) «Wolgaquintett» (1931)

Laura Winkler (*1988) «Gladly beyond» UA für Klaviersextett und Stimme (2018)
Louise Farrenc (1804–1875) Klavierquintett N°2 E-Dur op. 31 (1839)

After spending a lot of time alone with the composition it was great fun to work with the incredible musicians. All non-Vorarlbergers can listen to the piece "gladly beyond" on July 2nd 2018 at 21:03 on Radio Vorarlberg.

Christine Busch Violin

Elene Meipariani Violin

Klaus Christa Viola 

Mathias Johansen Violoncello

Michinori Bunya Doublebass

Akiko Shiochi Piano

Laura Winkler Vocals, Synthesizer